Dr.  Keena Byrd is a passionate and accomplished researcher with more than 15 years of scientific research in the technology industry. Before joining UiPath in 2023 as a Senior User Experience Researcher, she worked in Meta Platform’s Reality Labs and Intel Corporation’s Internet of Things group developing AI products and software. 

Her commitment to identifying bias in AI, understanding user behavior, and creating user-centric designs have made her a respected authority in the field.

She is passionate about STEM for girls and leverages her multidisciplinary expertise  working with non-profit groups to create programs that encourage underrepresented groups’ engagement in math and science.   

Dr. Byrd earned her PhD from the College of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and her M.S. from the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at North Carolina A&T State University.  She currently lives in New York City and enjoys volunteering, urban gardening, and fitness.